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I wonder if wireless (cellular or WIFI) will be the ONLY way to get Kindle-Edition books into the device? What better way to prevent piracy of their Kindle Edition books.

That also begs the question: will there be memory expansion via flash memory? Imagine this: The Kindle only has 64-128MB of internal storage. But the website allows you to store not only your Kindle Edition purchases, but whatever other documents you want on their website. Gigabytes if necessary. Then you use the Kindle to grab documents from your online collection whenever you need something that isn't stored locally. Perhaps it will automatically throw out something you haven't opened in a while, or perhaps it will prompt you to delete something before downloading the new document.

What if? Would that be a good thing? A bad thing? I think it would be an interesting solution.

If this was the only way to get documents to the Kindle, then I'd be slightly concerned about privacy. I'd want some type of public key encryption that ensures that Amazon can't read my private documents on my online account.
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