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I am afraid I will have to echo what everyone else replied in this thread: mr ereszet your work in marvelous

I was thinking weeks ago something similar to what you made, but a bit different, here is my idea:

first, there are two ways to digitize afaik: cameras and scanners

the camera problem is that cameras cant create an image of the quality of a scanner (low resolution, much distortion, many artifacts, needs specific lighting conditions, specific camera angles, camera needs megapixels 35MP or more to reach scanners' 300dpi resolution) and we need expensive equipment to achieve results as a scanner easily does, however they are very fast

the scanner problem is that pages cant be flat, which results in distortion at the edges and that it takes too much time to scan each page, however the scans are top quality

my idea is about a scanner that will scan books easily, fast and accurate, without damaging the book

it will scan the book with best quality including the area near the binding
it will scan the book in the half time of a scanner, since it will scan two pages at once

this scanner will look as if you take two flatbed scanners and bind them as a book

here you can see a scheme of it:

you can imagine it as an A3 scanner (that scans both pages of an opened book) but it will be foldable

the scanner I propose wont damage the book at all, since the book will be in its normal position as when you read it

you may also look at this picture:

it looks like the scanner I propose, but these glasses dont scan, they are only used to eliminate the shadow and to make the bookpages flat so that a digital camera will take a picture of the pages

opticbook solution is not adequate imo, although I havent used it
it is just a simple scanner with small border:

microtek scanner has the same 'small border feature' plus its slim, so these scanners maybe the appropriates to create the dual scanner I say

it looks simple, however I dont know if it can be implemented and if there will be any benefit

looking forward to hearing your opinion

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