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Originally Posted by rainnie View Post
I have been advised that the PB360 is like the best ebook reader. but I have been unable to find it in Australia.

Does anyone know about whether or not it is available here and whether or not if I buy it from overseas, will I be able to get support for it here?

many thanks for your replies.
Hi Rainnie,

I ordered my PB360 in March from and it arrived in perfect condition in less than a week. That was before the prices dropped and at the time it cost me $320 AUD including postage.

There are no support people in Australia that I know of, but you can send it back to the US (or wherever you order it) for repairs and support. I haven't had to do that yet, and I don't think I'll need to in the future.

It is a fantastic device and while I've had a couple of problems with the firmware, I don't think I've had any hardware problems at all.

Good luck with your decision. It took me over three months to finally decide to hit that *submit order* button because I was a little afraid of buying overseas. I have not regretted my decision one time. It's one of my most treasured possessions and I use it at least a couple of hours a day, every day I hope that helps!
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