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Deleting temp calibre files sometimes takes forever


I'm using the command line tool on Linux to convert a lot of ebooks. Every day I have some temporary dirs left over in my /tmp/ directory called something like calibre_0.7.10_xaAwDN_plumber. I delete the files with a cron but sometimes a directory has zillions of files in it and it takes over an hour to delete one plumber directory on my ext3 filesystem.

Is there any possibility to avoid writing so many files in one directory? Is there a possibility to add subdirs in the plumber directories like a/f/e/image.png which is way faster to delete?

I was thinking about defining an extra calibre temp partition and format it every other day. Ok, that's not good style but I don't know how to clean up my tmp directory if deletions of calibre temp files takes several hours a day.

Any suggestions? ;-)

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