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Some serious Kindle hacking


I am in the process of obtaining a used Kindle 2 for $75 from a friend who bought it, used it briefly for a few months and now she wants to let it go. She now uses her iPad issued by her employer. I will have the Kindle 2 with me early this weekend. I am also considering buying a Kindle DX Graphite for my own use for reading PDFs but that is a different subject.

Now, going back to the Kindle 2 I will soon be getting... The reason I want it is to hack it. I want to dissect it, hack the hardware and software, get into its internals. My concern is what Amazon's current policy for Kindles is. I have never really taken the time to read the long disclaimers and license agreement. If I am successful in hacking these devices and I share all the hacks and programs with the community via my web blog, is there a chance there will be some sort of legal response from Amazon? I am a scientist by profession and a hobbyist developer (at the advanced level). I have contributed and often contribute to major open source and closed source projects. I have done work for many of the big players in several industries. I have written and actively write articles and technical manuals for scientific and computer publications. If Amazon chooses to respond with legal action, it could definitely hurt me way beyond any financial losses. This is pretty much the reason I want to understand what the repercussions would be. If some of you have read the entire Amazon agreements with respect to the Kindle devices and are able to summarize for me, that would be great. Thank you.
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