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Sharing/saving articles in news downloads for Kindle

A frustration I have with my Kindle and with calibre news downloads is when I find an article that I either:
- want to save for future reference, or
- want to share the url with a friend

Currently, for articles I want to save, I clip the article in the Kindle so that I will remember it later, then I view the ebook in the calibre ebook viewer, find the article, then cut-and-paste it into Evernote. I do this to preserve the formatting. The clipping file on the Kindle is straight, unformatted text.

For sharing urls, I go back to my laptop, find the article on the original web site, then share it.

I would love to automate these activities somehow.

It occurred to me that appending the article url to each article in the news download would help. Then I could clip the article in the Kindle, write a script to extract the urls, and go from there with either adding to Evernote or emailing it to a friend. I may even be able to launch the URL in the Kindle for sharing with a friend via the Kindle browser.

I am open to other ideas however.

On the article url idea, is there a way to add the article url to each article as they are downloaded and the ebook is created? Obviously will need to modify the recipes. Is there a way to do this in a generic way that can be easily added to each recipe? I use many recipes and am hoping this won't be a completely custom thing for each recipe.
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