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Originally Posted by cutterjohn42 View Post
Forgot about merimobiles. They're supposed to be a decent vendor as well.

So you really like that Wistech? Are you running Android or wince(and I do) or both? (I was kind of worried a bit about their Android support...)

Can you get access to the market working? And, how is the battery life with WiFi on? (I don't watch many videos, so...)

hmmm... merimobiles has good prices on uSD cards too... about the going rate for those, but I wonder which brand... ah hah! and I see that they also offer a 1y warranty, so there's another one.
i am running android 2.1 and with most phones and tablets battery life is not good when wi fi is on but i`ve not tested how long but as i do not leave my house very often it is not a problem with me. no you cannot get the market but i have found many sites that i can download apps and transfer to tablet.
you can replace the battery yourself which is a bonus as a lot of tablets are unibody and changing battery is not sum up so far, i am very pleased with the unit so well,no hangups so far(1 week) and wits has just posted an up date to rectify the low sound from the unit,so as i said before i am very pleased with this unit and compared to the archos unit the build quality is a lot better.
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