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Originally Posted by cutterjohn42 View Post
Oops... yep flatcomputing is supposed to be located in Austin. Their $275 price includes a 1y warranty which you don't get from most other vendors. I think that mp4nation(only has the Apad iRobot ATM(Rockchip 2808A) which is currently stuck at Android 1.5 and unlikely to beyond that...) warrants their products as well.

I'm thinking that the Freedom A10 MIGHT be a Zenithink ZT-180 tablet re-branded.

Location is given on their facebook page:
Flat Computing, is one of the nation-wide leading flat tablet system manufacturers. We are the fastest growing private company in Austin, Texas...
If they are just a distributor, what good is a warranty? I doubt they would actually *fix* something that is returned to them, more than likely just replace it.

Well, warranty aside, I'm not sure I want to deal with a company trying to claim they are the manufacturer (instead of simply stating they are a distributor of re-branded goods)...

Who ever heard of a "leading system manufacturer" that doesn't list an address or phone number...

I posted a question asking if they are the manufacturer or simply a distributor in the forum on their site - we'll see if I get a reply or if the post gets deleted/edited...
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