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A few updates/notes:

- Kobo still working fine. My wife has been able to upload new books, and all seems well. Yay :-)

- There is a Chapters closer then the Indigo store, but when I originally bought the device Chapters was out, and I got the last one from Indigo. I went to the Indigo store because I was thinking if the update didn't work I would return/exchange the device since there were about 2 days left out of the 14.

- I did call ahead to make sure they could do it there. Also, they don't give away the SD card but just use their own (I believe this to be the norm, but just though I would clarify).

- The Indigo lady did the update right in front of us, and from the little I could see on the kobo screen, there was a whole lot more going on than with the more common pc update.

- My theory of the whole problem was that at one time or another the file system got corrupted, hence why windows was prompting to format the drive. The SD update most likely re-formatted the internal partition that appears as a drive letter in windows. The common pc update does not do this - perhaps it should be an advanced option, in case the regular update fails.

- The first thing we did once we got home was copy the full contents of the kobo drive to a new folder in windows. I also noted that the file system of the drive is FAT32, as with most flash memory devices.

- If this was to happen again (where windows is asking to format the kobo drive), I would likely try to re-format the drive and copy over the original contents.
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