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I refer to my above posts on the below issues with pdf viewer. Can anyone from pocketbook confirm whether these will be solved in the next release of the firmware for PB302.
1. Scroll up and down by touchscreen for zoom settings 100% or below. Presently this works only for zoom 101% or above.
2. Also scroll up / down option (not existing move forward / backward by full screen space but real scroll) for key mapping could be very useful. This I mentioned in the wanted features section.
3. With higher zoom settings, the default position is somewhere in the middle of the page. If I move to left extreme / right extreme by touchscreen and then if I press the key for move forward / backward, it loses the screen horizontal position. It moves forward/backward and goes to centre of the page. Move forward / backward should not disturb the horizontal position. Otherwise it is very difficult to scroll left / right of the screen for every view to move forward/backward.

Thanks for your support
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