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Originally Posted by dima_tr View Post
During the last two days I learnt smth very known: RTFM. I'm very much grateful iRex guys for opening the sources.

Basically, all the needed code has been available since long time ago. Namely, sysd/system.c : do_poweroff(), prepare_standby() and on_standby() (first half of the latter).

I've customized the sysd project to produce the "poweroff" binary. The compiled executables are located in Unpack them to Programs/ folder and enjoy the old-new functionality (even with splash screen!! ). Working fine on my DR800S. Shutdown takes about 20-30 seconds. Please check during the testing if new bookmarks etc. are not lost (they should not). Looking forward to your impressions.

The most important source is poweroff-src/src/main.c . This is an extraction of system.c to perform only one operation, but doing it properly. GregorRichards has started this direction, I've been following it.

To compile the code execute, then rename src/sysd to poweroff and (optionally) strip it with arm-poky-linux-gnueabi-strip.

Sure, the source can be much simplified. The main task to do is to start with main.c and add the needed methods. And I'd be happy to have a build file like GregorRichards's one .. Ok, later. Or maybe someone has an inspiration - most welcome to participate

P.S. The icon is there waiting for lua script

Hi there! I don't have much programming experience when it comes to the iRex, but I would LOVE to have the possibility to put my DR1000 in a standby mode (e.g. suspend to RAM). Currently the boys from Irex have removed or disabled this posibility from the 2.0 firmware (due to power management issues??), but sometimes it is extremely annoying to wait for the device to boot up every time before I can continue reading. Do you know if it would be possible to enable this feature in a similar way that you enabled the shutdown mode for the DR800?

(PS: sorry for my poor English..)
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