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Thank you both for trying. That's actually encouraging considering most people say pdf's like this aren't really usable. Well, I guess without chopping the pdf's. Btw, is it comfortable holding the kobo in landscape for long periods? Are the buttons comfortably accessible that way?

I"d still be curious to see the images. You could post them here if you have time.

And off topic from this but I've been googling and seeing what's out there. Not just as an ereader but tablet pc's as well.

I feel there has to be a catch with the prices of some of these:

Obviously they'll lose out big time in battery life compared to ereaders and the glare might be off-putting from lcd's. But it's nice they are running droid (although older versions) and should have a lot of apps to play with.

Although, again, having droid features like a browser, wifi are nice to haves, but I mainly wanted to read pdf's but avoid the cost right now of an ipad.

So I still might grab the kobo but these droid devices look tempting.
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