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Custom Font Hacking

Hello all.
I was referred to this forum from Kindleboards, and just joined.

I [finally] bought a Kindle (2) and am looking to leverage its
unique potential by deploying -and perhaps even developing-
hacks, particularly in the area of type and typography.

I happen to be a typeface designer, and would very much
like to use my own fonts on Kindle. Additionally, I've been
involved in optimizing screen text* since the 80s and Kindle
offers a unique arena in this respect. My grand plan is to
develop custom fonts for Kindle that [further] elevate its
text rendering quality; this is achievable because Kindle**
has a fixed resolution (per font size) and a fixed number of
gray-levels, things that no font [yet] takes advantage of.

* Example:

** Of course the same applies to [some] other readers.

In addition I have a background in programming - although
I admit having become a bit rusty there... So what I need
help* with is learning how to create a Kindle font hack file,
or at the very least working with people who know how to.
I suspect this is a closely-guarded black art, but I do have
my long experience with [screen] type to offer here, so I'm
open to any scheme to deliver real results on the ground.

* I don't want to leech - any help I get
will be rewarded one way or another.

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