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Suitable for reading pdfs? Computer manuals

I want a reader primarily for computer manuals that are in pdf. Most having screenshots, charts, side tips etc throughout.

I know some have said that all of these 6' ereaders are just too small, but what if sopdf is used, chopping 1 page into two and then viewing those pages in horizontal mode.

Most say just get an ipad if the main focus is pdf's but they are still fairly pricey. I was thinking on either this or a Aluratek Libre eBook for pdfs, even though a few recommend against it. I thought if I run them through sopdf it might be passable. What would be a deal breaker is if I do chop them with sopdf and yet still have to pan to reach the full line each time.

I was leaning more towards the kobo just because of 1 inch more over the libre and I thought with wanting to read pdfs, any increase in screen size is important.

To get an ipad experience (visually) I was considering getting the aluratek cinpal but it's ebook support is just txt files (Why wouldn't they put a full ebook reader on this?!) so with that I'd have to convert to jpg.

I've seen some say it's a great comic reader and I would think visually that would translate to pdf as well, but again, it would be jpgs and no longer searchable etc.

Anyone have any advice when this is what is desired? Anyone have experience trying to read tech/computer pdf's on a kobo or other similar device? I"m wondering how well this would work, and what is it like operating the device in landscape mode all the time. (Button access, retaining zoom settings on page changes etc.)
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