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Should you buy eBooks from Kobo in Desktop only format?


It has come to my attention from my dealings with Borders Australia and Kobo that some of the eBooks that they sell are only offered in a format that can be downloaded to the Kobo/Borders/??? desktop application, which can then only be transferred to a Kobo, or a device that supports the Desktop software.

It may not be obvious to some that this means that you will never, unless Kobo develop some conversion software or change/add availability of formats, be able to read your eBooks on any other eReader unless it's a Kobo or has the Kobo eBook Reader app available. This will be the only way you will be able to read it - if you don't like the Kobo eReader app, tough luck.

This is a terrible model - I can only suggest you think hard about this before purchasing any Kobo eBooks that are only available in the 'desktop' format.
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