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send to device without conversion?

I've got a bunch of PDFs that I've imported them into Calibre and cleaned up the metadata.

Now, I want to read them on my device, which supports PDFs natively, no conversion necessary.

If I use Calibre to send the PDFs to the device, the sending is very slow, much slower than just copying the files. Presumably this is because Calibre does some conversion on the files. How can I get Calibre to not do this conversion? I'd be happy if Calibre just renamed the files according to my customized renaming prefs.

The conversion is actually worse then slow... I have a 200 page PDF is presumably a combination of multiple smaller PDFs. The PDF that Calibre sends to the device over only contains the first of these smaller PDFs, i.e., 15 pages. Seems like a dataloss bug to me.
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