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Originally Posted by NiLuJe View Post
Then the hacks wouldn't work 'till an update (of the hacks). No big deal.

That's what I'm trying to avoid -a replay of the 2.5 update that left people without hacks for a few weeks.

If you're really worried about it, you can disable (without uninstalling) the hacks by removing/renaming the "auto" file in the linkfonts & linkss folders, and then restarting your Kindle.
?? I think I may not have been clear. The hacks are more desirable than the updates. I want to control installation of the updates. I want to stop auto updates so I can wait until the hacks are updated, then I'd install the update. Bottom line is I want hacks working at all times -updates can wait

Can I install the previous version of the hacks? 3.5 and 0.8? If I installed those would Amazon auto updates be prevented from auto installing? That's what I want. If so, where can I find 3.5 and 0.8? I have the version before those currently installed.

*sigh* If I could be less wordy I could probably be clearer .
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