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Originally Posted by andym View Post
Yes I'm probably just being a baby avoiding the Terminal.

20 seconds is pretty good (though 3 hours sounds like rather a lot).

I am wondering though: does it replace quotes with curly quotes and text marked with forward slashes (or underscores or block capitals) with italics as claimed on the features page. The reason for asking is that uses GutenMark and the texts I've seen don't have curly quotes etc.
I'll try to double-check this tonight to determine the answer.

I admit that my 3-hour attempt on Anna Karenina was attempting to do more than simply replace underscores with italics. I was playing around with splitting the file up to make a reasonably-sized TOC for the reader, with internal TOCs for each "part" (of which AK has 8).

While it worked out well, I agree that 3 hours is excessive, which is why I had been looking for an alternative.


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