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Chinese ePub displayed in PRS 600

Originally Posted by bloodlamb View Post
I just found this thread that extends the russian hack to give you chinese fonts + chinese menu option + clock on PRS-600.


To summaries what to do:
  1. download the firmware (use the skydrive link in the post)
  2. unpack the archive
  3. copy the "test" directory to the PRS600 "READER" drive
  4. go to the dir where you unpack the archive using the dos shell and type the command "ebook_msc PRS600" (case sensitive).
  5. eject the "READER" and "LAUNCHER" drives
  6. disconnect and reset your reader.

hope this is useful....BTW I am not the author, I just found the link on the net and tried it and its works for me...try this at your own risk

I could not get epubs converted from big5 txt files to display in the reader. LRF format converted from the same txt files are ok though. I use calibre for my conversions.

I get Chinese ePub displayed in PRS 600 eventually! You should be able to do that with your PRS 600 updating to Porkupan 1.05f firmware update.

In 1.05d or 1.05f, Porkupan has already hacked the PRS 600 to read ePub using the 3 styles defined by Porkupan. Those are userStyle, userStyle.dflt, userStyle.droid. Just edit these Styles and put in whatever Chinese fonts in both the Styles and \ePub\Font folder. Do not use extra CSS in Calibre.

It is that simple! But Porkupan never explain that in any manuals. Those are designed to display Russian. For Chinese display, these all need to be replaced.
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