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I understand your concerns. However, since I haven't gotten a response from Bookeen regarding repair, I don't see any other options. I am simply trying to repair a unit I purchased new, using the legitimately obtained firmware update. I have bought lots of mobi books with DRM, so changing to a new reader with ePub will be a pain, if even possible.

Using the vivi commands, I can see that several things appear to be correct.

vivi> part show
mtdpart info. (6 partitions)
name offset size flag
vivi : 0x00000000 0x00020000 0 128k
param : 0x00020000 0x00010000 0 64k
kernel : 0x00030000 0x00100000 0 1M
root : 0x00130000 0x00170000 4 1M+448k
ebr : 0x002a0000 0x00540000 4 5M+256k
BMP : 0x007e0000 0x00020000 0 128k

For example, a dump of the kernel at memory 0x03000 appears to match the kernel.bin portion of the update code exactly.

Also, a dump of BMP at 0x007e000 matches the bootim.bin portion of the update code. Could this be a bitmap (BMP) of the boot-up image (bootim) that shows on start-up?

They key bits appear to be the root and ebr partitions. These start out matching the boordr.bin (boo reader?) code, but then diverge, perhaps because they are compressed?

At any rate, I will keep playing with it, because otherwise it is indeed useless, and it is a fun excercise in troubleshooting. Anybody else interested?
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