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Smile A few suggestions

Hello everyone!

I'm posting here a list of suggestion that I would really love to see implemented. I'm not saying that those are good ideas or anything ; just that it's the things I think of when using Calibre.

1. When syncing a book to a device, wouldn't it be nice to have the progress report display in the little cell next to the book name, rather than in the jobs windows. This would use the empty space that exists near to the book name when it is not on the device yet.

2. Could we have an option to use Ctrl+Action for shortcuts? I feel uncomfortable with the current shortcuts...

3. Would it be possible to have a sync mode, with which the library is mirrored onto the device?

4. Could the enter key open ebooks for visualization, in the same way as the enter key opens pdf/html/word for visualization in explorer/nautilus/etc. ?

5. Wouldn't it be better if the reset quick search button was hidden when no search is active?

6. What about having an "advanced search" button rather than an explanatory text in the search box on how to make an advanced search?

7. Could the donation button be moved to the right (maybe?) on the bar? I find it disturbing also that in blinks when hovered, but that's only me I guess.

8. Wouldn't it be cool to have the library/device display as tabs rather than buttons?

9. Would it be possible to use the icons from the Tango icons set? If not, what about
9.1 Using a newspapers icon for the news sources (we could have the same with an update sign for the update toolbar button.
9.2 Using a program icon (window icon for example) for the editors filter
9.3 Using a .doc/.epub/.any icon for the formats filter and so on?

10. What is the little question button in the window frame in the categories dialog? When clicked, it simply shows a forbidden sign whichever control you hover.

11. It might be only me, but I feel very uncomfortable with the fact that in the settings dialog for example, the categories buttons are huge and have large spacing, while the buttons in settings dialogs are all tiny...

12. I find the "save search" button quite confusing, I though a floppy was the default for the save action...

13. For the save search feature, we could perhaps have just a save button, and then an input asking for a name under which to save the search? Then the saved search list could be made a simple dropdown, and not a combo-box?

14. Would it be possible to reduce the memory footprint of all those worker threads?

15. Could there be a default subitem for items in the context menu? I keep clicking on those items and then feeling stupid because it's not doing anything...

16. On the edit metadata box, could there possibly be a text to indicate that there are different values for the selected books? As in mp3tag for example, where there are two special items added to the combo box when values differ for a fiels, < Keep >, and < Clear >. I find those very convenient

17. The delete key (at least for me, on windows 7) seems to delete the contents of a tag fiels, not delete the book. Is this normal?

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