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Originally Posted by thunderune View Post
Here it is, if you can fix it or tell me how to fix it that would be great.

To others reading this thread: this attachment is for diagnostic purposes only please do not download unless you intend on helping me fix it, thanks
Originally Posted by Jellby View Post
Well, first you should write to FeedBooks support: pointing to this thread. I'm sure they'll like to fix it.

In the meantime, fixing the ePUB is easy:

1. Unzip the .epub file, just as if it were a .zip file. If needed, rename the file to .zip first.
2. Open the OPS/fb.opf file with a text editor (not Word, but something like Notepad), and delete the offending opf:scheme="URI"
3. Add the modified file to the original .epub/.zip (or a backup). With WinZip/WinRar it's probably as simple as drag&drop.
4. Rename the .zip back to .epub if you had renamed it first.
5. Check it in the online validator:

With something like WinZip/WinRar it could be even simpler, they might let you edit the files that are inside the .epub without having to actually unzip it.
thanks, but I did exactly as stated and now it is having a filename error stating that

"ERROR: /Users/thunderrune/Desktop/E.S. Wynn-Pink Carbide.epub: length of first filename in archive must be 8, but was 9"

any Ideas i would appriciate it


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