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Augen The Book - potential owner modifications to reader

I've thought of a couple of relatively easy modifications to TB- not on the level of hacking it, but I think they will improve my experience.

1 - Quick and easy- I flipped it in the case for reading PDF files. The way Augen set up the cover, the right side is the only side that doesn't have a 'prong' to keep the reader in place. When I read a PDF, I zoom it, and the default - which I cannot seem to change- is to put the PDF with the bottom aligned with the right hand side in zoom mode. So it slips down from the cover constantly. I will have to flip it back to use the USB or charger, but that is easy enough.

2- a strap. I am sure attacking a corner of the case (which has no visible screws for the curious) with a pin drill is not going to leave my warranty intact. And I think I really would like a view of what is packed where before indiscriminate drilling- look what happened to BP! However, I think any ebook reader should have the option of a strap, so I am going to find some sort of fitting I can epoxy to a corner. It seems to me that attaching things to the outside should be ok, and as long as I can slip a cord or strap through I will be happy, since I am into taking off the padded cover. Some sort of large metal eye for sewing onto a garment might be the right scale. My local hardware and home supply stores don't do anything close to small, let alone dainty.

I have noticed it is very easy to adjust the fit of the prongs that hold the reader in the case- although I may end up being the first person on record who snaps one off by metal fatigue

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