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Originally Posted by susan_cassidy View Post
prc format is the same as mobipocket format (.mobi), as far as Kindle is concerned, so there is no reason Calibre can't change it for you.

According to the Mobipocket Dev center, you can set the start option to where you want the book to open. Have you tried that?
"start: if the "start" type of subitem is present, the action defined in the onclick is performed whenever the ebook is opened. Use this in dictionaries to make the dictionary open on the first page every time instead of the last page read. The last page read is not very useful in a dictionary.
<guide> <reference type="start" title="Start here" href="starthere.html"/> </guide> "

Have you tried mobi2mobi to change metadata? See

I think you might be forced to create a new copy of the file, anyway, though.
When I import a PRC into Calibre and change the metadata it actually creates a new MOBI version of the book instead of just changing the original PRC version... and it can take up to 3 or 4 minutes to do it even when its the only job that I have Calibre doing at that time, so it seems that Calibre atleast treats PRC and MOBI as different even though I know that my Kindle treats them as the same... I just wish that Mobipocket and Calibre would have a chat and sort this compatibility issue out... even if it just meant getting mobipocket creator to be able to import back the prc files it creates :-( I've got a lot of books I want to change... as for all the other info, and the others that have so promptly responded... thank you sooooooooooooo much... I now have a few things to look into :-D
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