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Book Covers - help needed... please!

I know I might get a reprimand for adding a thread that may have content elsewhere in the forum, but if I do a search including the words "book cover" all I seem to get is stuff about Kindle Covers.... not what I'm after...

What I want to know is...

Is there any way to have an embedded book cover so that it is set as an actual location in an ebook i.e. location 1 ?

The reason I ask is because I want to be able to see the cover every time a book is opened at the beginning, without having to use the "go to" ---> "cover" menu option.

I'm using PRC formats atm and have tried a couple of others, but they all seem to have the same problem.

Is there a better format I can use to get what I want? A better way of doing coversions to get what I want? A way around this problem at all?

As an aside.... I've taken to using the screensaver hack to contain only the cover of the book I am reading at that present time :-) that way it feels more like a traditional book... the aesthetics of that always brings a smile to my face.... as much as I love ebooks... I've always had a thing for the actual book cover... the "this is the book I am reading" sense of pride :-S

One other thing... when I first got my K2i I just used Mobipocket Creator to convert all the books I have put on my Kindle. Given that I read a lot of series books, I used prefixes in the metadata to sort them out (back in the day before Collections was available lol) eg. Hope 01 The Alchemist's Secret, Hope 02 The Mozart Conspiracy etc. Now that I have metadata in PRC formats, and I deleted most of the source files, and have started using Calibre as well (which doesn't export to PRC grrrrrrrrrrrr !!!)... therein lies my problem... I want to change some of the metadata now that we have collections...

does anyone know how to easily edit PRC metadata without having to import into Calibre, change the metadata, which then results in a new export because of the fact that Calibre can't export to PRC format? Mobipocket Creator wont import PRC formats either (now that I consider dumb given that it is the primary export format !!!) and since I have deleted most of my OPF files I don't know what to do.... Calibre is soooooooooooooo slow at redoing it as well.... anyone have any ideas:-( ?

many many thanks for any help that anyone can give;

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