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Chinese ePub displayed in PRS 600

Originally Posted by stewrat View Post
Couldn't work it out - even with advice as given in this thread from the experts - it was just beyond me - sadly.

What I did - I took the unicode, converted to rtf, edited in word using a self-built macro ( basically it just takes out Line breaks / spaces if they are not following a punctuation mark ) - then reconverted back to unicode.
ie - I wrote a damn macro to have to parse every file wanted to read in the 600 individually. Dumb huh.
Laborious, painful and without doubt a dumb way to do it - but my wife can use the 600 to read unicode now and looks passable to read.

If there is a way that works better than that, quicker, and can use epubs - then I'm all for it - but my brain not the best with this stuff, so when it gets beyond - do a, then b, then c - I give in.
I get Chinese or others ePub displayed in PRS 600 eventually!

In 1.05d or 1.05f, Porkupan has already hacked the PRS 600 to read ePub using the 3 styles defined by Porkupan. Those are userStyle, userStyle.dflt, userStyle.droid. Just edit these Styles and put in whatever Chinese fonts in both the Styles and \ePub\Font folder. Do not use extra CSS in Calibre.

It is that simple! But Porkupan never explain that in any manuals. Those are designed to display Russian. For Chinese display, these all need to be replaced.
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