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One Kobo - two PC OS?

Wondering whether anyone else is using different PCs with different operating systems for their Kobo?

I run XP at home (all services packs up to date) and Windows 7 at work. For various reasons I have connected my Kobo to both machines. Last time I connected it to the XP PC to charge it up, the PC did not recognise the Kobo and it went into a flashing red light, screen blinking mode (for me that equalled panic!) When I disconnected, I had a blank screen and couldn't turn it on, reset or anything. The word "bricked" came to mind!

Took it to work next day with the intention of ringing Angus and Robertson's help line, decided to plug it into Windows 7 laptop and all was good again....

So, has anyone else experienced anything like this?

Should I stick with just one Operating System?

Thanks in advance.
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