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Impressed with Sony Connect

Now there is something you don't hear often but I am getting impressed with Sony Connect. Not the software itself; that is still one the clunkiest, saddest piece of modern software I've had the misfortune to use. However the online store selection is getting decent. There was a book that just came out, called Good Calories Bad Calories, by Gary Taubes and it hit the online book store at the same time as the paper version. And what is more, the price is right! Impressive!

Sony : $14.36 : $18.45

And after doing a little bit of comparison shopping between the different e-stores, I find that Sony is usually priced right. Just today I was perusing a e-store offering and was horrified by the completely inflated prices. One ebook, an old, old, mass paperback Pip and Flinx adventure was selling for around $17.00

I'm still not buying anything from them, because 1) I'm Canadian and I don't feel like jumping through hoops to buy a book and 2) I boycott DRM'ed books or at least DRM I can't work around. I might make an exception for a throw-away paperback novel, but not a book I intend to keep for reference (like Gary Taube's)

Still, I'm glad to see they are going in the right direction. instead of the wrong direction. The more attractive their store is, the more chances their reader will catch on.
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