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Future tablet/ebook readers?

Hello, I am a student who is interested in purchasing an ebook reader or tablet for textbooks in PDF format.

The device would need to have a screen at least as large as the Kindle DX.

I would also like to be able to take notes on it(touch screen) and be able to search the internet, which is why a tablet is really a better choice.

The problem is that the tablets all use LCD screens and current LCD screens I can not read from for any length of time due to the glare/brightness, which would defeat the whole purpose of me getting the tablet which is reading textbooks from PDF files.

I read somewhere that a new type of LCD screen will be coming out that is easier to read from but I don't know what the technology is called or if/when it's going to be implemented in tablets.

So I am wondering if anyone here knows of a product coming out in the future that does what I want?

Either a tablet with an easy to read from screen or a large ebook reader that can be used for notes, surfing the internet and ideally has a color screen?

The devices that are currently out are interesting but I still feel there is a large market for a device like I have described for the student/professional who wants both an ebook reader and a tablet PC.

Thanks for the help.
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