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Originally Posted by AlbertaCowboy View Post
I have managed a 505 for the better part of 3 years, as well as my wife's 300 lately. I have NEVER ever used the Sony software to manage my collection on my reader. Do yourself a huge favor and use Calibre. The Sony software is garbage. Calibre is (in my opinion) the ONLY software that should be bundled with any reader.
I as well own both the 505 and 300 and have never had a problem with managing my ebooks / collections etc. Then again, (like the AlbertaCowboy) I never used the Sony software either. I have Calibre loaded on two computers. A laptop running Win XP and a desktop running Vista Ultimate 64. Both allow me to manage my library easily and painlessly.

Calibre ebook Manager

Originally Posted by Doc333 View Post
Thank you one and all. I will be deleting the Sony garbageware tonight and loading Calibre.

One last point regarding my didgital editions library and the existing ereader library (Which seem to have been corrupted) Do I delete both these, digital editions only, or leave them? Would I be deleting the books/files or are they stored elsewhere for Calibre to find.
Thats up to you. Calibre does not interface with either one of them so there won't be any conflicts. You can leave them on your computer. No need to delete them... other than the fact they take up space on your hard drive. You might want to leave them until you are confident all your books are successfully displayed in Calibre. You might also want to make sure you have copies of all the book on your 300 in the event you don't have uncorrupted copies of them on your computer.

Just plug your reader into your computer and using Windows Explorer, navigate to the "books" directory on your 300. You will see two drives. Find the one that has the directory labeled "database" and navigate to the books directory in the media folder (Root>database>media>books.) Copy all the books into a new directory you create.

For the purposes of this clean up exercise I'd suggest you create a new directory on your desktop (or somehere you can easily find it) and call it "ebooks" or "ebook library" (or something like that) then copy all your ebooks into the directory you just created. Once you have Calibre installed, point it to that directory you copied all the books into:

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