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Couldn't work it out - even with advice as given in this thread from the experts - it was just beyond me - sadly.

What I did - I took the unicode, converted to rtf, edited in word using a self-built macro ( basically it just takes out Line breaks / spaces if they are not following a punctuation mark ) - then reconverted back to unicode.
ie - I wrote a damn macro to have to parse every file wanted to read in the 600 individually. Dumb huh.
Laborious, painful and without doubt a dumb way to do it - but my wife can use the 600 to read unicode now and looks passable to read.

If there is a way that works better than that, quicker, and can use epubs - then I'm all for it - but my brain not the best with this stuff, so when it gets beyond - do a, then b, then c - I give in.
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