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Cyrillic fonts for Nook with Caliber

Hi, all,

I am trying to copy my Word Russian texts to Nook using Calibre. I've tried saving the file in RTF and converting to either Epub or PDF. All I get is ???????. I've tried saving my Word doc as .TXT files in all kinds of Cyrillic font formats - DOS, Windos, ISO, UTF-8 - and then converting from those to Epub or PDF. Calibre seems to understand "cyrillic" on input .TXT file, but gives me garbage on output. If I try to specify "cyrillic" with an extension - like "cyrillic (Windows)" or "cyrillic (KOI8-U)" it give me an error message. I was even able to convert an FB2 cyrillic file to Epub and read it in Russian on the PC in Calibre, but when I send it to Nook it still comes out as ????????.

If you know how to do this in Calibre or if you know how to do this in any other way - PLEASE HELP!
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