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Originally Posted by clintbradford View Post
But the "non-connectivity" of the Kobo is an attractive "feature" to me.
me too. i don't need or want wifi or 3g or any other network connection on my ebook reader.

as you say, they would only serve as a distraction from reading.

also, without networking i can be certain that there's no phone-home spyware tracking what i read or where i am (if the unit had a GPS built in, or by using IP geolocation) and building up a profile on me for spamming purposes.

and there's no possibility of books being deleted remotely as happened with 1984 on the kindle.

that said, i expect i'll be buying a tablet device sometime in the next 6-12 months....waiting for the glut of linux/android based ARM cpu devices that are rumoured to be coming out soon. but i'll be using that for other things, not just reading books. and i probably won't stick with the manufacturer's firmware, i'll replace it with the best available open source alternative (which will, of course, require carefully selecting a brand/model that allows that - i won't buy one that doesn't).
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