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Originally Posted by sabredog View Post
Try here

I purchased my cover yesterday
Darn - missed out on that offer!
Anyway, my case arrived today (the same as the one listed in this link) and I'm quite pleased by it. The thickness makes the entire thing about the size of a regular paperback book which is fine with me as I was worried that it'd be too thick.

Of course the case does make it weightier but I'll take that disadvantage in order to protect my Kobo.

The fit is perfect, with the only potential problem being that one of the straps fits directly over the power button at the top - I was worried that this would constantly turn the power on/off but it doesn't appear to have happened (yet).

The front right edge of the case wants to lift up a bit around the top and bottom edges but stays flat around the clasp area. I have a feeling that when the leather softens this will get better but I'm also considering weighting the edges down overnight to get it into proper conditioning.

All in all, I'm happy

Hope this helps!
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