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Originally Posted by mTamblyn View Post
.....4. Charging Light
Used to: show nothing until it was charged and then turn red when it was done. (Okayyyy.....)
New release: turns red when it's charging, turns blue when it's done. (Makes more sense.).....
So I'm charging my unit for the first time since the upgrade. The light was red when I first plugged it in, about an hour and 45 mins ago. About 20 minutes ago I checked it, and now the red light is on as well as the blue one, right on top of it. Does that mean it's done? I called Kobo (because I'm ridiculously impatient), and the woman I spoke with said the red light will go off completely when the charge cycle is complete. Can anyone else confirm this? Just simply reading the "charging" page would tell me that it should have been either red or violet when I first plugged it in, but it was only red. The two lights on my device are two distinct colours, they don't run together to create a violet light at all.
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