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I have to say that I love my Kobo. Way back when I did want an ereader but I did not want to spend a small fortune on it. I mean you can by a lot of books for $300+ dollars. Since then I have done some shoping around and I still like the kobo best of the other ereaders that I have seen. The extra weight and bulk of the other ereaders really turns me off.

Now having said that I also want an ereader type of device for tech manuals, text books, newspapers and, magazines. I am not sure 100% how to go with this. My inner-Developer is leaning towards the iPad. But if Amazon keeps droping the price of the Kindle DX this is going to be a very tough call. I have also heard rummors of a Kindle SDK? I also wonder if the Android crowd will pull off a decent platfrom six months from now.
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