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Thanks guys

I've now been moved into the Sony, which sounds like a euphemism.

Anyway, I don't think I've ever been as frustrated with something as I am with this. The software seems to be incomplete yet cumbersome and very unreliable. My problems started as soon as I unwrapped it. I loaded the software, which had me registering it with Sony, then registering yet again when I plugged it in. Then told to download ebook library, but part the way through was advised on screen to download digital editions. So ended up with 2 seperate libraries. Then the trouble of downloading books, which came through and went somewhere that took me an age to find (one at a time) click on this and hey presto it went into the library. Long process was continued download - click - delete and start again. I finished up with all my books in the library and drageed and dropped them into the reader.

But the next time I hook it up and download a few books, I have the same problem as before but this time they go into digital editions? Anyway I plough through the maze and manage to get the books dropped into the reader.

I have another 9-books still to read on the machine (It thinks I have 18 to read yet) If I can't resolve my problems, I will be deep sixing the piece of garbage. I'm no techy geek, but neither am I a novice. I suppose I was spoiled by iTunes being so simple. I've noticed that there are many, many sites dedicated to Sony ereader problems, so it is obviously problematic for thousands of us.
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