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Rooted Nook & dictionaries

Hello all,

I'm planning to buy an ebook and so far I'm inclined towards the Nook wifi mostly due to the fact that is easy rootable and thus not tied to a limited set of software and book formats (in theory!) .

Main use would be reading novels in English and Spanish. What I really want is to be able to look up a word in more than one dictionary, e.g. while I'm reading an Spanish language book I'd like to select a word and look it up a in a Spanish dictionary for definition and perhaps on a Spanish-English for translation.

Now the specific questions:
1- can I do that with a rooted Nook?
2- is is possible to install dictionaries from different vendors and be able to use them as described or do am I stuck with whatever B&N firmware includes/makes available?
3- if the above not possible with Nook, is there any other ebook that can do that (even if it needs to be rooted)?

Thank you all for your help.

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