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When I first recieved my PS300 as a Xmas gift, I seem to have had all the problems that many others had. Those problems were resolved and I had it working.

Last week I had a new PC as my old laptop died, and everything was exported over to the new PC (Windows 7 64 bit) It took some time to get ereader working, but finally did it, and I stupidly clicked sync. I had always in the past dragged and dropped from the library to the reader, why I decided to sync I'll never know. I ended up with everything on my reader duplicated, so decided to go back in and drag them out. Not possible as for some reason the software doesn't now recognise my reader as being registered to this computer.

I'm utterley sick and tired of the problems with this reader/software/Sony and is now beyond a joke. I'm thinking of just deleting everything from my system, and throwing the reader away. Even starting again with another brand of reader/software.

My question is in 2 parts:

1) is there a simple way of resolving my existing problems - maybe downloading some windows 7 compatible software. I'm loathe to lose all my books by deleting everything. I have also always had registration issues with this reader and how can I instruct the system that yes it is my reader and yes they are my books.

2) Throwing everything in the bin: what is the best new reader to purchase, which is simple to set up and has reliable software

Thanks for your patience
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