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Post White Text on Black Background

Hey guys,

I am looking for an EInk Device that has the option to show White text on a black Background. Now before people start flaming saying that it won't make a difference. My wife is LEGALLY blind, IE she can read things when they are close up, large enough, and the proper contrast.

Glare is a nonstarter, as a random flash of light reflecting off the screen can cause my wife headaches, so that leaves out any LCD type device, any device with a touch screen over the eink display, and maybe even anything OLED.

I found this thread earlier that refers to a PRS-505 Hack but i would prefer not doing that if at all possible.

My mother just got a Kindle 2 and my wife likes it and can read text on it at the 3rd level from high. but believes the contrast difference with a black background would be helpful.

Any direction you guys and GALS could give me would be great.

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