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Originally Posted by HarryH View Post
I have one question .. We have had some warm weather here in Canada .. all over ... how would the Kobo do sitting in a stinking hot car and the flip side in out bitter cold winters

You really want to avoid leaving the Kobo in a hot car, it hasn't caused major problems for my Kobo but I think it is the reason for it having 2 hairline cracks and feeling less sturdy than it used to. I believe it may have also powered itself off or even crashed in intense heat.

When I first got my Kobo I was very impressed with how sturdy the Kobo was, there was virtually no flex or twist in the plastic case. I had let my brother borrow it while he was waiting for his black Kobo to arrive and it would stay in his car while he was at work. After his black Kobo arrived I did notice that it flexed and twisted a bit more. A couple weeks ago I also noticed 2 very faint hairline cracks in the casing on each side of the Kobo logo. It's still completely functional and the hairline cracks are invisible in most light so I don't worry about it too much since it now spends most of the time on my nightstand since I work from home and have no commute.
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