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yup I am. I've been wanting a ebook reader for ages but couldn't justify it so I got this as my new phone/ebook reader on the side.
i've found myself using it primarily for reading books. Fab. What it loses in not being quite big enough is made for by my taking it everywhere with me... i always have it to hand so always have a book to hand! I don't think you could say that for the ipad! The screen is certainly adequate in size though , it is responsive and there are plenty of good ebook apps.

It's also excellent for internet browsing. Really quick with wireless and the screen size makes everything actually viewable.

I've had it 2 weeks now and the battery is yet to run out on me at unfortunate moment! If I don't charge it overnight it'll go most of the next day with moderate use.

I've also had no problem at all carrying it in my pocket!!!! Stupid reviewers.

Drawbacks - not being able to rotate 360 annoys me and I find the phone to be really difficult to hear.

Overall I'm really happy with it as a phone/internet browser and most definitly as an ebook reader1
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