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Originally Posted by goinveg View Post
I really enjoy the Kobo. I had been hoping for an ereader that didn't have the bells and whistles I didn't need and this little device fills the bill nicely. I documented this in the "Which one should I buy?" board under Why I bought the Kobo.

I will not be upgrading at this time because my sleep patterns are such that I cannot sleep for long periods of time. So I read until I fall asleep then I wake up, pick up the Kobo and start reading again. I will then fall asleep and repeat this for most of the night. I really don't want to power up the Kobo every time I wake up.

I understand I am one of the bell curve extreme people and my situation is not the norm so until an upgrade allows me to continue this behavior I will stay with 1.0.

Also, because I don't buy from the Kobo store or (where I bought the Kobo) I do not represent much of an incentive for Kobo to change things on my account.

I like the cover when I do shut down, also, but that is not an upgrade problem for me.

Well, I broke down and made the upgrade. I found my local library has ebooks but...the fonts could not be resized. Now the fonts can be resized but...the margins and justification is for s***!!!
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