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Originally Posted by Alexander Turcic View Post
Bookeen sent word in that the release of the Cybook Gen3 e-reader will be delayed until October due to "slight adjustments in the final steps of mass production."
Why did they tell us initially that it would be released in September?

Either Bookeen is incompetent in running their business, not being able to anticipate delays, or they lied about the release date in order to create a hype, a kind of publicity tactic. In either case, this kind of behaviour isn't very reassuring.

Delays like this are, of course, nothing new on the ebook scene. It may just be that when you release a new device, you need to delay the launch a couple times in order to build up enough customer readiness. Only problem with that is the part where you don't keep your promise about the release date, which I call lying to customers.
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