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Originally Posted by ssrich View Post
I also broke by screen. Kobo was in my pocket and I hit the corner of a desk in the bookstore from which I purchased the Kobo. The protective cover does not break, it is the LCD behind the protective screen. I contacted Kobo who said they could repair the Kobo, but it would likely cost over $100. Perhaps it would cost as much as the Kobo. I similarly broke a Sony laptop LCD screen once and was able to replace the screen myself by purchasing a new LCD for it, and it was relatively inexpensive. This Kobo screen seems to be the price of the Kobo, unless I can find a source for the LCD.
It's not an LCD, it's an eInk display. I doubt you'll be able to repair the Kobo for much less than the actual reader, the display is the most important part of the whole unit in an eReader.
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