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My DIY cover for the Kobo - the "KoBook" (or "BooKobo")

Hello everyone,

Since the Kobo arrives without a cover, as you all know, I decided that instead of buying a regular cover, which would be relatively expensive for me (since it would have to be shipped to Israel), I will make a cover myself.
However, since I am not really into sewing and such things, which are required by many of the DIY guides I found, I decided to take a shortcut, and make a cover from a hard-cover book.

So, I took a book (sized 168*227*18 mm, if someone is interested), cut out most of the pages of it in the shape of the Kobo (maybe 2-3mm more on each side) using a utility knife, and then I glued each of the pages (there were about 75) to the pages next to it using glue stick.

Then, using a black velvety wallpaper (I don't know if that's the right word, because it's not really meant for walls), I coated the entire cover of the book, both inside and outside (it was a horrible pink color with stupid drawings, though some people may like it), but of course if you find a book which already looks nice enough, you don't have to do that.

Afterwards, I made such a strip for keeping the book closed, using some more of the wallpaper as the strip itself, and Velcro as the thing which holds it in place.

The last thing I did, after I found out that the Kobo can move a bit freely inside it's new cover, was taking two small pieces of Styrofoam (in fact, I used the foam which was used inside the cardboard piece that the Kobo came in, though I had to cut it, because it was way too thick), and gluing them to the inside of the front cover, just in front of the Kobo's top and bottom bezels, while taking care to place the bottom one in a way which won't press the blue button.
Then, to make it look a bit less strange, I just covered this white styrofoam again with the wallpaper, and that's it. Now I the Kobo is held tightly in it's place, and also gets some extra shock-absorption

I know that it's not perfect, especially the way in which I cut out the pages, but it's my first project of this kind, and I'm quite happy about the outcome! Now my Kobo will be a lot safer when I take it with me

I hope you'll like it, here are a few pictures I took:

Front view:

Front view with Kobo:

Back view:

Side view:

Open without Kobo (before adding the Styrofoam):

Open with Kobo (final):

Zoom on Kobo side:

Front cover inside (with covered Styrofoam):

If someone's interested, the full sized pics can be found here

That's it, I'll be happy to hear your thoughts about it, and provide tips if you want to make such a cover for yourself!
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