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pixel qi display vs other ebook reader,which would you choose


Will you buy the pixel qi 10 inch DIY kit display ?
Now I am struggling between irex dr1000, entouroge edge, pixel qi + lenovo or samsung netbook .

What the advantage and disadvantages of them,my knowledge is limted to the followings

Irex dr1000:
screen contrast and quality is good
support many format

slow loading and turning of pages
will bankruptcy affect further firmware update?
very high price even though Euro have dropped

Entourage Edge:
good screen

limited applications
limited format(only have pdf ,epud),will it have more format in the future?
dual screen bulky and awkward

pixel qi display:
fast and flexible like a normal pc
all the format can be read ,no futher conversion

low contrast compared to eink( I can live with that as long as it can reduce eye strain and fast in operation.

Which one would you choose if you have a limited budget(only one can be afforded)?

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