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Indented bookmarks and LRF

Hi all,

I'm converting a bookmarked PDF to a LRF with pdflrfwin.

In the pdf, the bookmarks are ordered into a hierarchy like this:

+ first part
-1 blablabla
-a) bliblio
-b) blolbo
-3 blublublu
+second part...
...and so on

When I put the pdf directly on my PRS 505, there's no problem. I see 'first part and 'second part' only, and I have to navigate through them to get to the chapter I wwant.

However, after converting them, the table of content in my PRS shows them all at once, as if they were all at the same level.

So my question is:

Is this a problem with the LRF format itself (it has only a 1 level TOC)?
Or is there a way to modify the TOC?

thanks a lot!
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