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Read Chinese ePub on PRS 600

Originally Posted by stewrat View Post
Hello and greetings. I've got a small issue can't work out - here are the facts.
prs600. setup to run chinese language - menu and books - works with unicode txt files to read. ( standard simplified font set )

Using calibre to load books - and want to format - as the txt files need some reformatting - they put extra spaces between lines .. whatever.

Can reformat using calibre a standard txt file in chinese ( using the input utf-8 ) - and the output, when viewed in calibre view looks good - chinese with no spacing between lines etc.. And when using calibre to view the copy on the ereader itself, it looks good there.

But ereader views all as ????? once use calibre to convert. No matter lrf or epub. Ereader views ok if leave as unicode txt file ( just format bad ). Calibre views ok if formatted on ereader.

Just want to convert using calibre to epub and put onto the 600 and be able to read it - in chinese.

Any help appreciated - read lots, don't get it so far on how to fix - thanks in advance.
That is exactly what I am looking for in PRS 600; be able to read Chinese ePub without embedded font. Instead I got ?????? for all the Chinese characters in the ePub. The same ePub files read well in iPod Touch with Stanza installed; the same ePub files read well on Stanza Desktop and on Calibre.

I guess PRS 600 is looking for embedded fonts in ePub files and cannot find it
so the it display all ????????????. At the monent, I can read Chinese embedded pdf files, TXT and RTF.

Would anyone show us how to get on top of this problem. Thanks.
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