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Some comments about the first newspaper!

Among the amazing things are:
- download of continuously updated newspaper via iDS. Just push the button in the morning and you have fresh news at your breakfast table.
- This means you often read the news before you see it on TV!
- The days last update is the final version of the days newspaper, which will remain in your reader.
- The layout of the summary pages and the layout of the articles is fine.

The things, which need improvement are:
- navigation through 750 pages of les Echos is pretty bad (In my opinion)!
- back to previous "link" must be added (lets say you opt to read an article from a summary page - after having read the article one should be able to go back directly to the summary page where you made your selection without additional page flips).
- Reading the newspaper should happen by flipping from one summary page (title of article possibly with brief description) to the next, pretty much as with mobipocket rss feeds.

The present structure of the newspaper however is: front page, table of content (list of parts = links), summary of part I, articles of part I, summary of part II, articles of part II , ....

Putting the article titles of part I , part II, part III after the front page would be much more convenient. Given of cause that the back to "previous link" works after having read an article.

Without reasonable navigation and fully optimised format e-paper newspapers might have hard times. Will be interesting to see how the interface develops with les echos and other publishers.

I admit navigation gets even more crucial if you read a french newspaper without living in France...
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